Ledgerstone Survey

The Ledgerstone Survey of England and Wales (LSEW) aims to record all the ledgerstones of England and Wales. Dr Julian Litten, described as “England’s foremost funerary historian, has developed a template for methodically recording ledgers which has been tested by the Church Recorders. Management of LSEW has been transferred to Church Recording Society which is keen that as many volunteers as possible record ledgers on the LSEW website before more disappear and to develop educational resources to enable anyone interested in their local ancestors, in letter cutting or the beauty of these stones, to access ledgers.

Church Recorders and other contributors should follow this link to access the LSEW website.

The website database for cataloguing Ledgerstones, operating as the ‘Ledgerstone Survey of England & Wales’, was adopted by Church Recording Society in April 2021.

Church Recorders are major contributors.

These are unique social history to be recorded before lost through wear and tear and closure of churches.